Free Cryptocurrencing revenue monitoring that can be integrated with any Miner, Staker or MasterNode!

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What is RigManager?

Rig Manager is a service for monitoring your cryptocurrency mining rigs that is designed to be:

  • Fast and effective at answering the key question – “Are my miners running and how are they doing?”
  • Able to be integrated with any mining approach (software mining, MasterNodes, etc) and any mining hardware (ASIC, GPU, etc) based on an API that’s simple to interface with
  • Store/display history statistics
  • Have as little personal information as possible about you or your mining operation
  • Have a free hosted option (as in “Free Beer”) – core functionality without any dev or subscription fees
  • Is open sourced for full transparency

Rig Manager, a hackathon project from your friends at

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View the source code on Github

Any bitcoin donations are greatly appreciated: 3DHjBqPWFZzg6jo6f2DVcZc4t5bZJy38ZH